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18 Holes Golf Course

The 18 holes golf course is of international standard with Par 72, measuring 6,211 metres length and one of the most challenging course within the state of Selangor. Plans are afoot to add a further 9 holes to the golf course to enable BBGC to serve its growing clientele.

The golf course offers unique experience with is elevation, tightness, undulating fairways and some water features and hazards. Matured trees and greenery along the fairway and slop bunkers add to its aesthetic value.

The game of golf shall be played in accordance to the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited and the following local rules of Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Resort (BBGC)

All areas outside the boundary edge of the course as defined. The boundary edge extends above the ground and below the ground.

  • If any object is both inside and outside the boundary edge, on the part outside the edge is OB.
  • Out of Bounds are marked with white stakes and black lines. (BBGC)
  • OB are present in the following holes:
    • Hole 1 on the right side of red tee (after pond) until the 150m yardage marker.
    • Hole 3 on the RHS of the red tee until the drain.
    • Hole 4 on the RHS of the tees until the drain.
    • Hole 7 on the RHS until the pond.
    • Hole 8 on the RHS from the red tee until the tunnel.
    • Hole 9 on the RHS of the tee until the pond.
    • Hole 10 on the RHS of fairway, from the drain until the green.
    • Hole 14 on the RHS of hole.
    • Hole 15 on the RHS from tee until the 150m yardage marker.
    • Hole 17 on the RHS from red tee until the green.
  • An area from which a player is allowed a relief with a one-stroke penalty.
  • Water bodies and areas where balls often get lost or are unplayable to be played were marked red.
  • All penalty areas are marked with red stakes and black lines.
  • Yellow penalty areas are not used in BBGC as the red penalty areas provide the players with 3 options of relief as opposed to the yellow penalty areas.
  • Penalty areas are present in every hole.
  • Certain things that are not allowed in the general area are allowed on the green without penalty, such as repairing damage and removing sand and lose soil.
  • The situations that can be seen occurring in BBGC are stated in the local rules.
  • Hoof indentations on the greens can be repaired on the green.
  • Sand and loose soil can be removed on the green.
  • Moveable obstructions are obstructions that can be moved with reasonable effort and without damaging or obstructing the course.
  • Lose impediment (any unattached natural objects) are moveable objects.
  • In the local rules it is stated that lose impediments are moveable in the bunkers.
  • Abnormal course conditions are divided into 4 conditions. These conditions are not treated as part of the challenge of playing the course, thus a free relief is provided except in the penalty areas.
  • No play zones are areas where play has been prohibited. These zones are defined as part of the ACC.
  • In the local rules flower beds are no play zones to prevent damage to them.

These rules state what players are expected to do when the committee suspends and resumes play in any situation.

Match play – loss of hole. Stroke play – 2 strokes

These local rules had been prepared for BBGC by the two (2) following
MGA Qualified Referees:
(1) Mr. P. Sedopathy (2) Ms. Rubanyah Sedopathy
Any dispute concerning the local rules shall be referred to the abovementioned individuals
whom are also BBGC’s designated golf referee.