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Mr. Sedopathy

Mr. Sedopathy

Clubmaker / Clubfitter

Mr. Sedopathy Ponniah is an American trained clubmaker/clubfitter with 35 years’ experience in the golf industry. He is a member of the Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA) which is the oldest and largest organisation of its kind, representing over 8,000 golf clubmakers worldwide. He is recognized as a premium member of the Professional Clubmakers’ Society and had completed training at the Golfsmith Training School of Golf Clubmaking and Clubfitting in Austin, Texas. He also specializes in restoring or maintaining antique or memorabilia golf clubs and was the pioneer (THE OG!) in custom fitting clubs in Malaysia dating back to 1990.

BBGC is privileged to have an in-house clubmaking / clubfitting service that various other clubs (even the premium ones) couldn’t or doesn’t have. Managed by the OG in custom club fitting, you couldn’t ask for more.

In addition to being BBGC’s in-house clubmaker/ clubfitter, Mr. Sedopathy is also BBGC’s in-house golf referee. He is qualified in the R&A Rules of Golf and is a highly regarded Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) golf referee who wrote BBGC’s current local rules.

Thus, BBGC is also privileged to say that for any tournaments to be held in BBGC, we thus have a highly qualified and experienced golf referee available. That’s 2-up on some other golf courses, isn’t it? Yes, we got you covered.

Opening Hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Opening Time: 10.00 am – 3.00pm

Telephone: +6019-330 6010